WCF as Service Orientation, Services vs Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)

WCF as Service Orientation, Services vs Web Services, Windows Communication Foundation (WCF)


Core Security Features

Confidentiality, integrity, authentication, authorization, transport level, message level security in WCF


Comparison between data contract and message contract, SOAP Headers

Comparison between Data Contract & Message Contract, Why is it useful to pass information in SOAP headers with Message contract? Why can’t mix data contracts and message contracts?



interview question and answers on WCF

interview question and answers on WCF

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Exchange Messages with WCF Endpoints and Message Queuing

You can integrate existing Message Queuing (MSMQ) applications with Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) applications by using the MSMQ integration binding to convert MSMQ messages to and from WCF messages. This allows you to call into MSMQ receiver applications from WCF clients as well as call into WCF services from MSMQ sender applications.



Windows Communication Foundation Security, Security Mode, Service Credentials and Negotiation

Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) is a secure, reliable, and scalable messaging platform for the .NET Framework 3.0. With WCF, SOAP messages can be transmitted over a variety of supported protocols including IPC (named pipes), TCP, HTTP and MSMQ. Like any distributed messaging platform, you must establish security policies for protecting messages and for authenticating and authorizing calls. This article will discuss how WCF accomplishes this.



WCF – Extending Runtime, Hosting, Messaging Layer, Channels, Encoders and Introducing RESTful Services

Extending Runtime, Extending Hosting, Extending the Messaging Layer, Extending Channels, Extending Encoders, Introducing RESTful Services, The REST Architecture, Principles of RESTful Services, Implement Syndication in RESTful Services.,-Hosting,-Messaging-Layer,-Channels,-Encoders-and-Introducing-RESTful-Services


WCF – Implementing Security and Extensibility Features in WCF

Implementing Security,Securing Services Over an Intranet, Securing Services Over the Internet, Identifying the Extensibility Features in WCF, Extending the Service Model Layer, Extending Clients and Dispatchers, Extending Bindings.