Sets of GUI Testing – Usability and Logic, Testing GUI Fields with examples, 1-Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional Boundary Value Analysis with examples

Sets of GUI Testing – Usability and Logic, Testing GUI Fields with examples, 1-Dimensional and Multi-Dimensional Boundary Value Analysis with examples.–Usability-And-Logic-Testing-GUI-Fields-With-Examples-1-Dimensional-And-Multi-Dimensional-Boundary-Value-Analysis-With-Examples


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Perceptions About Testing Objects, Myth- Testing is unnecessary, Testing gets in the way, Testing is structured waterfall idea, Testing is trivial, Automated GUI testing is sufficient

Perceptions About Testing Objects, Testing is unnecessary, Human error is as likely as ever, Testing gets in the way, Testing can be a complementary, integral part of development, Testing is structured waterfall idea, Testing can be incremental and iterative, Testing is trivial, Hunches about testing completeness are notoriously optimistic, Automated GUI testing is sufficient, GUI-based tests may be little more than automated testing-by-poking-around, If programmers were more careful.,-Myth–Testing-is-unnecessary,-Testing-gets-in-the-way,-Testing-is-structured-waterfall-idea,-Testing-is-trivial,-Automated-GUI-testing-is-sufficient

GUI Testing – Strategies

Strategies, Test Principles Applied to GUI, Focus on errors to reduce the scope of tests, Separations of concerns (divide and conquer), Test design techniques where appropriate, Layered and staged tests, Test automation…wherever possible, High Level Test Process, Types of GUI errors, Four Stages of GUI Testing,-Test-Principles,-Test-design-techniques,-Layered-and-staged-tests,-Test-automation,-High-Level-Test-Process,-Types-of-GUI-errors,-Stages-of-GUI-Testing

GUI Testing – Introduction and Difficulties

Introduction And Difficulties, Event-driven software, Unsolicited events, Object oriented, Hidden synchronization and dependencies, ‘Infinite’ input domain, Window management,-Event-driven-software,-Unsolicited-events,-Object-oriented,-Hidden-synchronization-and-dependencies,-Infinite-input-domain,-Window-management