Terabit Networks

Terabit networks support transmission rates of at least one trillion(1012) bits/second (Tb/s)1. These networks are becoming more common because they provide the capacity and bandwidth needed to meet increasing customer demand for data and voice communications, and to support future Internet growth of high quality video and e-commerce applications.



Introduction to Software, Software Engineering and Object Oriented Paradigm

Nature of Software, Types of Software, Software Engineering, Object Oriented Paradigm, Structured Versus Object Oriented Paradigm, Key Aspects of Object Oriented Solution, Responsibility-Driven Design, Transition from Analysis To Design, Quality of Abstraction, Weighted method per Class, Depth of the inheritance tree, number of children of a class, coupling between object classes, response set for a class, lack of cohension in methods, CK Metrics, Risks of Object Oriented Development – notes, knowledge, learn, teach, tutorial, request for notes, share, lessons, chapter, science, computer,tuition, online class

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Object Oriented Software Designing

Object-oriented development, Characteristics, Interacting objects, Advantages, classes, Unified Modelling Language, Object communication, Generalisation and inheritance, A generalisation hierarchy, Architectural design, Object identification, Design models, Subsystem models, Sequence models, Object interface specification, Design evolution, OO analysis vs Structured analysis, Object Oriented Analysis, Problem with traditional structured design, Class and application design,-Interacting-objects,-Advantages,-classes,-Unified-Modelling-Language,-Generalisation-and-inheritance,-Architectural-design,-Object-identification,-OO-analysis-vs-Structured-analysis

Software Design – Introduction, Activities, Purpose, Goals and Trade-offs of Software Design

Introduction to Software Design, The activities of system design, Purpose of System Design, Design Goals, Relationship Between Design Goals, Design Trade-offs, System Decomposition, Services and Subsystem Interfaces, Coupling and Cohesion, Partitions and Layers, Relationships between Subsystems.,-Activities,-Purpose,-Goals-and-Trade-offs-of-Software-Design