Full AngularJS With Example

Binding and initializing application model, Using controller to assign the model, arrays example, Looping in angularJS, user define directives, Validating user input, controller usage, Using RootScope, AngularJS filters, OrderBy option, AngularJS Service, $http service usage, $timeout Service, Displaying data in table, using $index, using $odd and $even, selection option in AngularJS, ng-disabled directive, ng-show directive, Mouse Events, Global API, AngularJS include, AngularJS Routing


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AngularJS – mobile browsers and devices events and animation in AngularJS

manage cookie, difference between $cookies and $cookieStore service, handle mobile browsers/devices events, animation with the help of AngularJS, directives that support animations, debug AngularJS app in browser, securely parse and manipulate HTML data, Angular 2.0, AtScript.

AngularJS – Routing and Dependency Injection in AngularJS

Difference between $timeout and window.setTimeout in AngularJS, difference between $interval and window. setInterval in AngularJS, Routing in AngularJS, AngularUI router and how it is different from ngRoute, $injector and $inject, Dependency Injection in AngularJS, Language Internationalization, $locale service, locale ID.

AngularJS – Services in AngularJS

Difference between $http and $resource, methods $http service support, enable caching in $http service, $resource service object support, $q service, difference between Kris Kowal’s Q and $q, Restangular, advantages of Restangular over $resource and $http, difference between $window and window in AngularJS, difference between $document and window.document in AngularJS.

AngularJS – Data binding in AngularJS

data binding in AngularJS, Two-way and One-way data binding, issue with two-way data binding, AngularJS handle data binding, difference between $watch, $digest and $apply, fast between $digest and $apply, $watch(), $watchgroup() and $watchCollection() functions of scope, AngularJS scope life-cycle, digest life-cycle in AngularJS.