Test Plan, Specification and Report

Test Plan, Specification and Report


Testing Object Oriented Application

Difference in OO Testing, Features of OO Software, topics in Testing OO Systems – Object, Message, Interface, Class Implementation, Inheritance, Polymorphism, Abstraction, Testing Classes, Integration Testing, System Testing and Interoperability, UML Support, Tools for OO Testing

System Testing

System Testing, Functional and non-functional aspects, test cases, test team, handling defects, functional testing – business vertical testing, deployment testing, beta testing, certification testing, standards and compliance, non-functional testing – Scalability, reliability, stress, interoperability, performance testing–Business-Vertical-Deployment-Beta-Certification-Non-Functional-Testing–Scalability-Reliability-Stress-Interoperability-Performance-Testing

Unit Testing & Integration Testing

Unit testing, Integration testing, Techniques for providing interactions, Categories, Phases, Methodologies, Top-Down Integration, Bottom Up Integration, Decomposition bases Integration Testing, Call Graph Bases Integration, Pair-wise Integration, Neighborhood Integration, Path Based Integration.