Integration Testing

Introduction and Purpose of Integration Testing


Unit Testing

Benefits, Encourages change, Simplifies Integration, Documents the code, Separation of Interface from Implementation, Limitations.,-Encourages-change,-Simplifies-Integration,-Documents-the-code,-Separation-of-Interface-from-Implementation,-Limitations-of-Unit-Testing

Software Testing – Manual Testing FAQ2

Software Quality Assurance, Software Testing, Organization work, Software QA processes, verification, walkthrough, inspection, Testing Type, problems of Software Development Processs, software quality, Good Code and Design, SEI, Life Cycle,-Software-Testing,-QA-processes,-verification,-walkthrough,-inspection,-Testing-Type,-problems-of-Software-Development-Processs,-software-quality,-Good-Code-and-Design,-SEI,-Life-Cycle

Object Oriented Software Designing

Object-oriented development, Characteristics, Interacting objects, Advantages, classes, Unified Modelling Language, Object communication, Generalisation and inheritance, A generalisation hierarchy, Architectural design, Object identification, Design models, Subsystem models, Sequence models, Object interface specification, Design evolution, OO analysis vs Structured analysis, Object Oriented Analysis, Problem with traditional structured design, Class and application design,-Interacting-objects,-Advantages,-classes,-Unified-Modelling-Language,-Generalisation-and-inheritance,-Architectural-design,-Object-identification,-OO-analysis-vs-Structured-analysis

System Design, Goals, Logical, Physical, Modular Design, Application architecture, Factors into design units, Cohesion and Coupling, Control Flow Modeling Notation, Data Flow Hierarchy, Real-time programming

The Purpose of System Design, Design Goals, Logical and Physical Design, Application architecture, Factors into design units, Modular Design, Cohesion and Coupling, Advantages of Functional Independence, Structured Analysis Elements, Process Oriented Design, Components of DFD, Control Flow Modeling Notation, Physical & Logical DFD, Data Flow Hierarchy, User interface design, UI design principles, Interaction styles, Web-based interfaces, Characteristics of a good UI,-Goals,-Logical,-Physical,-Modular-Design,-Application-architecture,-Factors-into-design-units,-Cohesion-and-Coupling,-Control-Flow-Modeling-Notation,-Data-Flow-Hierarchy,-Real-time-programming

Perceptions About Testing Objects, Myth- Testing is unnecessary, Testing gets in the way, Testing is structured waterfall idea, Testing is trivial, Automated GUI testing is sufficient

Perceptions About Testing Objects, Testing is unnecessary, Human error is as likely as ever, Testing gets in the way, Testing can be a complementary, integral part of development, Testing is structured waterfall idea, Testing can be incremental and iterative, Testing is trivial, Hunches about testing completeness are notoriously optimistic, Automated GUI testing is sufficient, GUI-based tests may be little more than automated testing-by-poking-around, If programmers were more careful.,-Myth–Testing-is-unnecessary,-Testing-gets-in-the-way,-Testing-is-structured-waterfall-idea,-Testing-is-trivial,-Automated-GUI-testing-is-sufficient