FAQ on Knowsh.com

Ques. What is knowsh.com?

Ans. Knowsh.com is a common platform for the students and professionals who are looking for help and who are ready to help. This help can be in any field, any subject and any topic. You can share your knowledge, your notes, presentations or any study material, with other who are in requirement, who are looking for more study material.

Ques. How can we get help from others?

Ans. If you cannot find your required notes on Knowsh.com, you can raise a request to all the other knowshers who are ready to help on that particular subject. When they will get an alert and they will fulfill your request, then you will get a notification and you can check if it suits your requirement. You may get multiple responses from different users, for the same request.

Ques. How can we help other?

Ans. After login to Knowsh.com, you can set your subject preferences to let other know, in which subjects you can help others. Then, you will get only those subject’s notes requests from other knowshers. Keep checking the preferences list time to time because, some more subjects may be added after your registration on Knowsh.com. So for those subjects, you need to explicitly set your preferences.

Ques. What is the procedure to get the credit?

Ans. On each notes you submits on Knowsh.com, you will get credits. If you have posted detailed notes then for that, you will get 10 credit points. If you have posted downloadable file, you will get 5 credit points for each.



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