Software Design – Introduction, Activities, Purpose, Goals and Trade-offs of Software Design

Introduction to Software Design, The activities of system design, Purpose of System Design, Design Goals, Relationship Between Design Goals, Design Trade-offs, System Decomposition, Services and Subsystem Interfaces, Coupling and Cohesion, Partitions and Layers, Relationships between Subsystems.,-Activities,-Purpose,-Goals-and-Trade-offs-of-Software-Design


Entity Framework -ORM, Introduction, Model, Features, Workflow, Installation of Entity Framework

Object Relation Mapping (ORM), Similarity in Entity Framework and NHibernate, What is Entity Framework, Entity Framework Architecture, Entity Framework Models, Features, Features in Visual Studio 2012, Entity Framework Workflows, Entity Framework-Installation.,-Introduction,-Model,-Features,-Workflow,-Installation-of-Entity-Framework

Distributed Database System -Centralized, Distributed, Architecture, Homogeneous, Heterogeneous DDBMSs, Distributed Processing and Distributed Database, Parallel Database Architectures, DDBMS Components, SPSD, MPSD

Motivation, Centralized DBMS in a network, Distributed DBMS environment, Architecture, Homogeneous and Heterogeneous DDBMSs, Distributed Processing and Distributed Database, difference between DDBMS and distributed processing, difference between DDBMS and Parallel Database, Parallel Database Architectures, Functions of a DDBMS, Charactersitic of DDBMS, Centralized Database Management System, Fully Distributed Database Management System, DDBMS Components, Single-Site Processing.,-Distributed,-Architecture,-Homogeneous,-Heterogeneous-DDBMSs,-Distributed-Processing-and-Distributed-Database,-Parallel-Database-Architectures,-DDBMS-Components,-SPSD,-MPSD

LINQ – XDocument, XElement, Concurrency in LINQ and difference from ADO.NET

Difference between XElement and XDocument, difference between XElement.Load() and XDocument.Load(), difference between ADO.NET and LINQ to SQL, handle concurrency in LINQ to SQL, handle concurrency at field level in LINQ to SQL.,-XElement,-Concurrency-in-LINQ-and-difference-from-ADO.NET

LINQ – LINQ provider, Select, SelectMany, Any, All, Contains, into, let, Union, Intersect, Except, data context class in LINQ

Fast between SingleOrDefault and FirstOrDefault, LINQ provider, advantages of using LINQ on DataSet, difference between Select and SelectMany in LINQ, difference among Any, All and Contains, difference between into and let keyword in LINQ, Union, Intersect and Except, extension of the file, when LINQ to SQL is used, data context class, deferred execution and immediate execution.,-Select,-SelectMany,-Any,-All,-Contains,-into,-let,-Union,-Intersect,-Except,-data-context-class-in-LINQ

AngularJS – mobile browsers and devices events and animation in AngularJS

manage cookie, difference between $cookies and $cookieStore service, handle mobile browsers/devices events, animation with the help of AngularJS, directives that support animations, debug AngularJS app in browser, securely parse and manipulate HTML data, Angular 2.0, AtScript.