Depth First and Breadth First Search in Graph

Implementation of Depth First and Breadth First Search in Graph using C# and ASP.NET.


Implementation of Binary Search Tree

Coding Implementation of Binary Search Tree, Insertion of node in Binary Search Tree, Deletion of node in Binary Search Tree, InOrder Traversing, PreOrder Traversing and PostOrder Traversing. Code implemented in C#

Software Testing – Types of Errors

User Interface, Error Handling, Boundary related errors, Calculation, Control flow errors, Handling or Interpreting Data, Race Conditions, Load Conditions, Hardware, Source, Version, ID Control, Testing Errors

Configuration Management, buggy software, extensive testing, client-server environment, World Wide Web sites, object-oriented designs, Extreme Programming

Configuration Management, buggy software, when to stop testing, if requirements are changing continuously, justify extensive testing, client/server environment affect testing, World Wide Web sites be tested, testing affected by object-oriented designs, Extreme Programming.